After finishing high school, four friends drove into the Australian outback to make a horror film about a homicidal farmer. Armed with only a video camcorder, it was going to be the film that would make them all famous. They called it 'Living Off The Land'.

The project was abandoned after one day of shooting. Not because of any witch or ancient curse or even an actual homicidal farmer - it was just a crap movie, and they weren't very talented.

Years later, Paul, the "star" of the film, rediscovers the footage. With his dreams of success still unfulfilled, he is suddenly very keen to track down his old friends and give the project another crack.

Simon, the director, still works at the video store in the suburb where they all grew up. He has not directed a film since he dropped out of film school - they said his first year assessment, a ninja-action bonanza, needed "more depth".

Playing the homicidal farmer is Ben, who has found his own success in the corporate world. Although he's very excited about revisiting the good old days, he's moving overseas in three weeks, making the shooting schedule very tight.

The other lead role in the film was played by Wally, probably the most gifted member of the group. Unfortunately, he has mysteriously disappeared. Witch? Curse? Farmer? Probably not. At the last minute he is replaced by Graham, a subordinate from Paul's office who has no acting experience - at all.

George Lucas once said that films are never finished, they're just abandoned. 'Re-Living Off The Land' is a dramatised documentary about how some films - as well as friendships - are abandoned for a reason, and perhaps better left unfinished.

Screening at the 2010 Dungog Film Festival on
Saturday, May 29. For more details, visit the DFF website.